3D Scanning


    3D Laser Scanning in Australia

    A 3D laser scanner provides rapid capture of objects and records 3D coordinates of their location as a series of points (3D point cloud).

    3D laser scanning provides the following benefits:

    • Greater accuracy than manual methods.
    • More comprehensive data to reduce likelihood of repeat site visits. 
    • Cost effective option for large scale capture of detailed information.
    • Improved safety for surveying of hazardous, hard-to-reach or unhealthy areas.
      NSS' Leica C10 laser scanning solution provides 500,000 points per second and point spacing of <1mm.

      The information extracted from 3D Laser Scanning is similar to conventional surveys, for example:

      • Volumes and contours
      • Buildings and structures
      • Steel beams, columns, bins, & conveyors
      • Overhead wires and poles
      • Archaeological sites & sculptures
      • Landscapes
      • Pre-fabricated modules or structures for as built surveying
        Observed structures can be modelled in 3D for effective Life Cycle Management, with as-built models superimposed over design models to identify possible clashes between new and existing infrastructure.
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