UAV Surveys


    UAV Surveys in Australia

    UAV Survey Solutions

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an advanced technology that provides the following benefits:

    • Cost effective option for large scale capture of detailed information.
    • Safe solution for surveying of hazardous, hard-to-reach or unhealthy areas.
    • Fast, efficient tool to collect and process data faster than traditional terrestrial-based survey technology.

    NSS are UAV Level 1 CASA certified and provide UAV survey solutions including:

    • Topographic and contour surveys
    • Site and route planning for infrastructure and transport corridors
    • As-built surveys
    • Volume determination

    Utility Industry

    • Data asset management and vegetation clearances for utility industries
    • Hydraulic/stormwater modelling

    Emergency Services

    • Disaster analysis for emergency services (bushfire and flood mapping)
    • Agricultural & Forestry Industry
    • Crop circulation and vegetation health for agriculture industry including biomass indication, grown monitoring, crop discrimination, leaf area indexing and nitrogen recommendation
    • Thermal video and mapping for water distribution management and plant stress analysis

      UAV Launch


      NSS' SenseFLY eBee© aerial imaging solution provides:

      • 1-10 sqkm coverage in a single flight 
      • Aerial photography with 1.5cm/pixel resolution
      • Video in visible, near IR wavelengths, multi-spectral and thermal imaging
      • UAV launch by handMaps, 3D contours, DTMs with 50mm precision
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